CMPD And Quicktrip Launch Safe Exchange Zones

The Latest:

The CMPD says all fourteen Exchange Zone locations have officially launched.  They are encouraging community members to complete online transactions at one of the following locations:

127 E. Woodlawn Rd., Charlotte, NC 28217

6721 Albemarle Rd., Charlotte, NC 28212

7205 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28216

2326 Sandy Porter Rd., Charlotte, NC 28273

11230 N. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28262

7115 S. Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273

3025 Wilkinson Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28208

116 Clanton Rd., Charlotte, NC 28217

3206 Eastway Dr., Charlotte, NC 28205

5209 Central Ave., Charlotte, NC 28212

4937 Sunset Rd., Charlotte, NC 28269

4200 Brookshire Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28216

5708 N. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28213

10910 Golf Links Dr., Charlotte, NC 28213


CHARLOTTE, NC — A college student buying a cell phone he found through an online app, gunned down in broad daylight.

This tragic incident is part of a growing trend, and police say robberies from online app sales may be under-reported. Now CMPD is teaming with Quick Trip gas stations to provide people with a safe exchange zone for transactions.

“They’ve robbed more than one life,” says Tara Finch. “They robbed all of our lives. ”

21-year old Zachary Finch found a phone through the Let Go app.

It was Father’s Day. The college baseball player, who was set to graduate this year, agreed to meet the seller.

“Zachary did everything right,” says Zachary’s mother Tara Finch. “It was the middle of the day. It was 1:30 in the afternoon, on Father’s Day, at a public park. Zachary was just trusting, and he trusted the wrong people.”

It happened on a quiet street in Southwest Charlotte. Finch met two young men to purchase a cell phone he had found online. He was shot and killed. He died in the front yard of a nearby apartment.

“Approximately 40 people so far this year have been involved in some type of robbery in these online application transactions,” says Rob Tufano with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police. “40 people.”

CMPD has arrested three suspects in this case: 17-year-old Demonte mccain and two 15-year-olds.

Finch’s murder sparked CMPD to start a program with Quick Trip gas stations.

“We can have two of the parking spaces at every single location,” says Officer John Frisk with CMPD’s Crime Prevention Unit. “It will be video monitored. And we’re going to encourage people to come whenever they’re going to do an on-line transaction.”

The Safe Exchange Zone program will give people a safer place to meet for transactions set up on-line.

“CMPD officers are going to be periodically zone checking these areas every hour, every hour and a half,” says Frisk. “We’re going to have officers riding through monitoring the exchange zone.”

“Zach was all about helping people,” says Tara Finch. “So if this safe exchange zone helps other people, Zach will be smiling down on us I’m sure.”

CMPD says the safe exchange zones will be up and running the next two weeks.

The participating Quick Trips are:

127 E. Woodlawn Rd.

6721 Albermarle Rd.

7205 The Plaza

2326 Sandy Porter Rd.

11230 N. Tryon St.

7115 S. Blvd.

3025 Wilkinson Blvd.

116 Clanton Rd.

3206 Eastway Dr.

5209 Central Ave.

4937 Sunset Rd.

4200 Brookshire Blvd.

5708 N. Tryon St.

10910 Golf Links Dr.