Charlotte area Neighbors Worried About Late, Inconsistent, or Missing Mail

CHARLOTTE, NC – We’re hearing from Charlotte area neighbors who are frustrated about their mail service.

“This day and age, nobody goes a full day without getting any mail,” says Taylor Furr, who lives near Mint Hill.

Furr and his neighbors are complaining about inconsistent, late, and missing mail.

“They blame the zip code, it’s a very fast developing zip code and that it’s the mail carrier’s problem because they don’t have a normal mail person.. they’re using a lot of subs,” Furr says.

The issue has gotten the attention of Republican Congressman Robert Pittenger.

Back in 2015, he called on the Postal Service Inspector General to conduct an investigation after mail disappeared in Myers Park.

Now his office is asking the Charlotte postmaster to check out the latest issues.

“There’s mail that hasn’t been delivered for days at a time and that’s when it’s concerning,” says Bob Becker, with Rep. Pittenger’s office.

Neighbors across the city have also been posting complaints on social media site NextDoor.

One woman in Northwest Charlotte writes.. “No mail again.. two days in a row.. anybody see our mail?”

“There’s plenty of times where I’ve gotten mail that’s not mine or I haven’t gotten mail at all,” says Southeast Charlotte resident Christian Martinez.

His parents sent him a card when they found out he and his wife are having a baby.

“They told me that it’s been two weeks since they sent me something from Waxhaw. And I just never got it,” he explains.

We wanted to take the concerns to the postal service, but were told no one was available.

Instead they sent us a statement that reads in part, “The postal service recognizes that consistency is paramount to our customers and remains committed to providing the service they expect.”

“It’s very frustrating, especially when you call the post office and complain all the time and they just give you a lackluster excuse as to why the mail is incorrect,” Furr says.