Hickory Man Killed When Dozens Of Bullets Flew Through Home

HICKORY, NC — Catawba County Sheriff’s Deputies are searching for the shooter after a man was killed in his sleep during a drive-by shooting.

Witnesses think it was a targeted attack.

Adrian Ramirez died. His fiancée was asleep next to him when bullets flew through the home Friday just before 2:00 in the morning.

“You hurt everybody around Adrian. We’re paying, and we didn’t do nothing to you,” said Wanda.

Wanda asked WCCB Charlotte not to use her last name in fear of her safety. She says the drive-by happened at their home on Snow Creek Road.

“I could feel the bullets zipping past my face, my head, my shoulders, stuff falling from the ceiling hitting me in my face,” said Wanda.

Deputies say Ramirez died in the home

Deputies have not confirmed how many bullets flew into the home.

Ramirez had cameras around the property.

His fiancée thinks the shooter targeted them due to a shooting in Hickory in 2015.

Deputies would only confirm they are investigating every angle.

“Adriene left a five-year-old baby behind with no parents now,” said Wanda. “I hope they’re happy with themselves.”