Woman Offers $1,000 Reward After Late Son’s Horse Stolen

STANLY COUNTY, N.C. — A Stanly County mom is offering a $1,000 reward to the person who returns her stolen horse.

Blaze is a 25-year-old buckskin mustang gelding. He belonged to her son, Jason, who died seven years ago.

“Blaze just means everything to me,” said Tina Schrimpsher. “I’ve taken care of his horse all these years, and that’s all I have left of him.”

She says someone took him from her property November 21.  Schrimpsher says he needs a special diet, and she’s concerned about his health.

“He’s not going to be any good to anybody but me,” said Schrimpsher. “He’s going to grieve himself to death. He’s on a special diet. If you don’t have him on that certain food, he’s going to get sick, and when he gets sick, he’s going to die.”

She is pleading with the thief to drop the horse off on her property. She will even give the $1,000 reward to the thief.

Call Stanly County Sheriff’s Office if you can help, and visit this link if you would like to read the missing horse report.