Firefighters Battle House Fire on Lake Norman

DENVER, NC – Firefighters battled a fire that left a home on Lake Norman destroyed Sunday night. Investigators say it started in the basement and led to the 2nd floor collapsing.

It happened just before 6:30pm on Lake Shore Road North in Denver, North Carolina.

The Fire Marshall has not determined a cause yet, but crews faced compilations getting to the scene.

The person who called in the fire saw it from far away but didn’t know the correct address.

Firefighters also had to run a lot of hose to get to the nearest fire hydrant.

Captain John Dancoff, with the Denver Fire Department told WCCB Charlotte about the extent of the damage.

“Major.. catastrophic. There’s.. we’re salvaging some clothes and some personal effects from a bedroom area. But other than that basically the whole other half of the house is basically going to be written off,” Dancoff said.

No one was injured.