Surveillance Shows Thieves Throwing Rocks in Restaurants

CHARLOTTE, NC — Surveillance video shows thieves breaking into a business in Ballantyne. It was one of more than a dozen burglarized in the Charlotte area Monday morning.

“It’s heartbreaking to think someone would just come in and vandalize,” said Emily Manley.

Video outside Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse on Pineville-Matthews Rd. shows a black car pull up, a guy runs up, throws a rock into the glass door, goes inside to get the rock and leaves.

“Very senseless, and it causes a lot of heartache and trouble to small business owners,” said Manley.

Turns out, police say it involved at least two 16-year-old teenagers: Lamariay Witherspoon and Douglas Mobley.

In a span of 30 minutes, CMPD says the teens broke into the Chipotle next door to Kabuto, B. Good and Burger 21 on Ballantyne Village Way and Chef Kwo, Pizza Hut and JJ’s Red Hots on John J. Delaney drive.

“It’s crazy that they would come and hit every single store,” said JJ’s Red Hots employee, Lauren Fisher.

Police found the car in Huntersville.

After a chase and a crash, officers arrested the two teenagers. They’re also wanted in connection to six business Huntersville burglaries overnight.

“We have our safes bolted down to the floor,” said Manley. “We don’t keep any money really in the rest after closing.”

At other spots, the teens did get away with some cash, and local restaurants will pay for the damage.

“It’s Unfortunate that they’re going to target small business,” said Manley. “Small business is a hard job anyway.”

Police say the teens did have a stolen gun with them when officers arrested them in Huntersville.