South Charlotte “Water Bandit” Leaving Outdoor Faucets Running, Flooding Yards

CHARLOTTE, NC – A bizarre crime has some South Charlotte neighbors covering up their outdoor water faucets.

Neighbors think a person they’re calling the “water bandit” is turning on their faucets and leaving them running all night.

“I head this roar.. and it sounded like Niagara Falls!” explains South Charlotte resident Peggy Hutson.

She came outside her home Saturday morning to find her outdoor water faucet on full blast!

“Everything was flooded in the side yard, all the way down, the hill in the front yard, and down the street,” she explains.

Hutson lives in the Cameron Woods neighborhood off Park Road.

She says she’s stumped as to why someone would pull what appears to be an expensive and damaging prank.

Whoever did it had to go to the trouble of opening up her fence and going into her back yard.

“I don’t know why, I don’t know who, but it made me feel unsafe because it happened after I went to bed,” Hutson says.

But it’s not just her. Her next door also appears to be the victim of a water bandit, a month ago.

“But the husband insisted it was the two little boys, and the wife said, ‘They haven’t been outside!'” Hutson says.

Hutson got several replies to a post she made on the social media site NextDoor.

A woman who lives a mile away in the Brandon Forest neighborhood wrote she’s been a victim too.

“She said she finally took the handles off her faucets,” Hutson says.

She has now covered up her outdoor faucet.. and hopes her neighbors will do the same.

“It made me sad that somebody would think to do that to anybody,” she says.

Hutson did file a police report.

A CMPD officer WCCB Charlotte spoke with recommends neighbors install motion activated lights to keep water bandits or other prowlers away.