Victim: My Grandson Said, ‘Grandma, He Could’ve Killed You.’

CHARLOTTE, NC — A victim sends a warning as she recovers from a carjacking that left her hospitalized Monday.

It happened at the Arboretum shopping center in South Charlotte.

Officers arrested Jason Mosley and Melissa Werts after a high-speed chase into Rock Hill.

It’s been a painful 24 hours, Susan Day says.

“I would never dream that anything like that would happen to me,” said Day.

The 72-year-old grandmother was out of the hospital Tuesday when she spoke to WCCB Charlotte.

“My grandson said, ‘Grandma, he could’ve killed you.’ I go, ‘Yeah, I know.’,” said Day.

She went into McDonald’s at the crowded shopping area just before 3:00 Monday afternoon. She says she noticed Mosley and Werts watching her.

She says she found it odd that they were eating food from another restaurant, not McDonald’s.

Day says when she left, she was facing her car to unlock it. A man came up, grabbed her keys, jumped into the seat and took off. Her arm was stuck in the door.

Mosley dragged her 30 feet before dumping her, according to CMPD.

“She was she had terrified,” said Jack Reynolds. “Tears, screaming, crying, “Help me! Help me! My car was stolen.’.” 13

Kideja Owens works at McDonald’s and says she called 911.

“She was shocked. She was traumatized. She couldn’t believe it happened to her,” said Owens. “I mean, it can happen to anybody,  but it happened in broad daylight.”

After a high-speed chase nearly 25 miles into Rock Hill, officers arrested Mosley and Werts.

According to Mecklenburg County Jail records, Werts has been in and out of jail seven times since 2015. Mosley has been jailed six times since 2015.

“I’d like to see them keep them in jail for a while,” said Day.

She’s still waiting to get her car back. Officers say Mosley hit another car in the McDonald’s parking lot as he sped off. So, it’s likely Day’s car has damage.

“Please, please be careful,” said Day. “Especially women that are by themselves.”

As of Tuesday night, officer had not extradited Werts and Mosley back to Mecklenburg County. They were still in the York County Jail.