Andrew Murray Plans to Tackle Violent Crime, Gangs, and Opioid Crisis as U.S. Attorney

CHARLOTTE, NC – Andrew Murray says he’s ready to step into his new, higher-profile role as U.S. Attorney.

Murray is now the top federal law enforcement officer for Mecklenburg and 31 other counties in Western North Carolina.

One of this top priorities is fighting violent crime.

“Transnational gangs, right? MS-13 being the most prominent at the time,” Murray says.

Part of that includes working to get guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals.

He also wants to reduce a troubling trend he saw as District Attorney – more young people committing violent acts.

“Younger individuals with guns, younger individuals that were quickly doing armed robberies, or shooting at each other,” Murray explains.

He also wants to tackle the opioid crisis, which means going after drug traffickers.

“Preventing it from being on the street,” Murray says.

He would like to continue being visible in the community.

Murray worked to make the DA’s office more open and transparent.

“When it’s an active criminal case, I can’t talk about it, but when we’ve concluded a criminal case, when we’re doing simply policy, I’m happy to talk, I’m happy to be there in the community, because our office is part of the community,” Murray says.

Murray was sworn in Monday after being nominated by President Trump in September.