Shark Attack Survivor Gets Cutting-Edge Robotic Prosthetic

CONCORD, NC — A Concord mom survived a shark attack is getting ready for a new chapter in life.

Since June, she’s been recovering and preparing for a cutting-edge prosthetic that she controls with her mind.

“For me to be able to think, and have this thing respond is just crazy,” said Tiffany Johnson. “Mind you, I just got this yesterday. So, I’m still very new at this.”

WCCB Charlotte was there as she trained for this. To see the previous report, click here.

Wires record her nerve and muscle movements. So, when she thinks of a movement, it picks up on the motion and moves.

It’s been nearly six months since the mom of three lost her arm in the shark attack while snorkeling with her husband in the Bahamas.

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Her church found her a flight home where two ground-breaking doctors at OrthoCarolina invented the surgery that rearranges a patient’s nerves for this technology.

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“Even if you don’t want the fancy dancy prosthetic, it is way worth it just for the pain alone,” said Johnson.

The survival story, the mother’s positive energy has echoes across the community and U.S.

‘It gives me a new appreciation for things that maybe we take for granted,” said Johnson.

Strangers have donated around $6,000 toward her prosthetic.

“It’s going to change the everyday tasks, the everyday things I’ve been struggling with,” said Johnson.