Anti-Abortion Protesters March in Southeast Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC – Thousands marched Saturday in the largest protest so far outside a southeast Charlotte abortion clinic.

Organizers with “Love Life Charlotte” say they want to tell women they have other options.

“Helping these mothers with who feel like they have no other choice with tangible resources, things that they need right now,” explains organizer David Benham.

For two years, members from different churches have gathered outside “A Preferred Women’s Health Center” every Saturday.

They say in that time they’ve helped over 800 women make a different choice.

“‘Love Life Charlotte has provided housing, jobs, baby showers, mentoring,” Benham says.

Those who run the clinic see it differently.

“It’s been incredible stressful to have to endure driving through these large groups of people just to access legal healthcare,” says administrator Calla Hales.

Organizers with the clinic argue the protesters harass patients.

They’ve asked the city to place no parking signs on the road to keep traffic flowing.

“It’s noisy, it’s loud. People are flagging down cars thinking they’re coming here and they may not be,” Hales says.

But anti-abortion groups say any efforts to keep them away restrict their free speech.

“We say we are here to help you, we are here to help you in anyway that you need,” Benham says.

During Saturday’s march, officers issue two citations to demonstrators for interfering with lawful assembly.