NC DOT Crews Hitting the Road for Potential Snowfall

IREDELL COUNTY, NC–There may be no flurries in sight now, but that could be a very different picture in the near future. With the chill in the air, North Carolina Department of Transportation crews aren’t leaving it up to chance. Preparations are underway on the roads in several local counties.

While crews are ready for a blanket of snow, some Iredell County residents aren’t on the same page.

“Just the mess that goes all the way around. Traffic everything just stops. around here anyway,” says longtime resident Jason Montaigne.

While others say–let it snow, let it snow!

“I’d just be happy. it’d just be nice to see it. I like winter,” says Dina Clark.

As crews continue treating roads, NC DOT maintenance engineer Matthew Evans says 20,000 gallons of brine already coats I-77, I-40 and ramps in Iredell County.

“We’ll have guys working around the clock to monitor the roadways put any salt on, and address any areas that are needed,” says Evans.

NC DOT crews also spent the day treating interstates in Alexandra, Catawba, Cleveland, Gaston and Lincoln Counties.

“We do what we call dry runs we were getting ready back in October, we get fully prepared for the snow that way when events like these come, we know our equipment is working.”

NC DOT crews are on standby to handle whatever may come our way. They want to remind you if you see their trucks on the road, stay out of their way, so they can keep the roads clear and everyone stays safe.