CMPD Warns Parents of Suspected Sexual Predator

Charlotte, NC — Police are warning parents after arresting a babysitter accused of sexually abusing children in Charlotte.

Detectives say the 61-year-old admitted to assaulting children in three other states.

It was an evil act, police say, that Angel Mario Guzman-Lobo played repeatedly to sexually abuse children.

“He would gain their trust through mutual friends,” said Sgt. Jim Jones.

Police say Lobo would rent a room from the family like he did at a duplex on Reames Rd. “When he rents the room, he gets their trust, he volunteers to take care of their children and that’s when the assaults occurred,” said Sgt. Jones.

Officers say they first found out in Nov. when a girl told her mother Lobo touched her inappropriately, and the mom called 911.

Officers say they have a total of three victims here in Charlotte. They say the abuse happened from 2014 to 2015.

Arrest warrants that say Lobo engaged in sex acts on multiple occasions with a child when they were nine and 10 years old.

CMPD arrested him for 10 counts indecent liberties with a child and 10 counts of first degree sex offense.

Police say Lobo confessed to assaulting children in New York, Maryland and Ohio years ago.

“Thanks for the skill of Detective Key in talking to this guy, he opened up and gave us these other locations and other states and other victims,” said Sgt. Jones.

Officers do not have a total victim count but say the abuse could go back decades.

“Most children who are victimized are victimized by somebody they or their parents know and trust,” said Janet Harmon with Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center.

Child advocates say think about steps you can take to minimize access to your kids.

“It’s still important for all parents to look at: who does take care of my children, who are the adults or even who are the other children or teens who are providing care on a one on one situation,” said Harmon.

CMPD says Lobo did not have a criminal record and was not on the sex offender registry here in this state.

They are still checking the national database because he has a couple of aliases he used that they need to dig deeper into.

If your child came in contact with Lobo, call 911.