Mecklenburg County May Join Several Other Counties That Are Taking Legal Action Against Big Pharmaceutical Companies

MECKLENBURG COUNTY– Mecklenburg County may join several other counties that are taking legal action against big pharmaceutical companies. This comes after an announcement today that the state is suing a multi-billion-dollar drug-maker for an alleged nationwide bribery scheme involving addictive opioids.

Mecklenburg County Commissioners say they’ve spoken to attorneys that represent other North Carolina counties who are already suing. They want to get the most information they can before they take legal action.

“At this point with the lawsuit and our legal team has also met with county attorneys from the state to discuss this lawsuit,” says Mecklenburg County Commissioner Pat Cotham.

Mecklenburg County Commissioners know they have to act fast. they’re talking about getting in on what other area counties are doing. Like New Hanover County, who filed a lawsuit against several drug manufacturers claiming the companies engaged in “false, deceptive and unfair marketing and/or unlawful diversion of prescription opioids.”

“All of us are trying to learn more about it. So we’ve had several presentations at our board meetings and at our policy meetings about this,” adds Commissioner Cotham.

It’s a  problem that commissioners say is hitting every corner of the tar heel state. even mom and pop owned businesses, like Pikes Pharmacy. owners say attempted prescription forgeries, are rampant. They see at least two attempted forgeries a week.

Mecklenburg County Medic 911 tells us they’re using nalaxone, a medication used to reverse an overdose, more now than they have in the past few years. Treatment centers in the area are taking in more people too.