Superintendent Addresses Parent Concerns About Possible Mold at Providence High School

CHARLOTTE, NC – Parents are demanding answers over concerns about possible mold inside Providence High School. Pictures on social media show stains on ceiling tiles along with dirty vents.

Tuesday night, Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox told parents 12 locations inside the main building were tested for mold spores.

Dr. Wilcox says one of those tests came back as “concerning.”

Wilcox says after the concerns were raised in December, the district first hired a third-party vendor to check moisture and humidity in the building, but everything came back normal.

Then the district did a deep cleaning, replacing filters, ductwork, and cleaning ventilation grills.

But only after that did the district bring someone in to test the 12 locations for mold spores.

“Very low concentrations of anything, any spore content, with one exception. We had a room where there were 230 parts per million. We’re going to look at that going forward,” Wilcox says.

Parents say the district should have done the mold spore test before the deep clean.

“They elected to clean up whatever findings they had before they elected to do testing, ensuring that any results would be low,” says parent Brian Kasher.

Kasher has been one of the most outspoken parents about the issue. His daughter is a freshman at Providence. Kasher also used to be manager of environmental health and safety for CMS.

He says the district wasn’t up front about the problem.

Wilcox told parents the issue isn’t resolved and that the district will do more.

“I think the important thing here is that we’ve committed to ongoing testing. We’re going to keep looking,” Wilcox says.

“It’s a very limited data set. We have found a problem. That should result in an immediate response, not a “We’ll, come back and look at it in the spring,” Kasher says.

Dr. Wilcox says he personally walked the building himself right after the issues surfaced and he was concerned about the overall cleanliness of the building.

But he says he could not find all the stains in the pictures circulating on social media.