Wilson’s World: Organizing Your Space with Simplicity Organizers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  With the snow and bad weather we have had over the last couple of days, maybe this would be a good time to purge and organize your home.  Wilson was with Anne Kuester Steppe of Simplicity Organizers showing us just how to get our homes organized.

Anne is a certified professional organizer working with families every day getting them organized and giving them tips to make their day start off easier and less stressed.  Lori Johnson allowed Wilson to come in her home while Anne and her crew went through the linen closet, bathroom and daughter’s bedroom organizing.

Once they have sorted through all of the items and decided which to donate, Anne contacts Michelle Abels with Key Resale Shop to pick up those items.   Money that is raised from the sale of items at Key Resale Shop is donated to public schools where teachers and administrators can buy the resources they need to serve our students.

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