Mountain Towns Prepare For Snow

Boone, NC– Cold weather means money for Mountain towns. Tuesday morning, Ashe, Watauga and Avery Counties expect to wake up to crews clearing snow form roads and folks flocking to resorts like Appalachian Mountain ski.

“If it’s good skiing weather, then it’s good business weather,” said Burke Bailey, Manager of Macado’s.

Bailey says he sees 20 percent more customers on snow nights.

“It’s been a fantastic year,” said Bailey. “A lot colder, a lot more snow a lot more tourist its been great.”

The Boone and Watauga County Tourism Authority agrees.

Tourists help boost sales tax, gas tax and hotel tax revenues.

The sales tax funds city operations like police and fire. Gas tax goes toward repairing roads. Hotel tax goes toward advertising to attract visitors and to build attractions like parks.

“Anytime somebody spends money in a restaurant or a lodging property, you know it’s to support jobs and helping to support families and flows on down from there,” said Executive Director of the tourism authority, Wright Tilley.

Workers call it a win – win: for them and tourists.

“We do great when the snow comes!” said Bailey.