Group Wants Three Changes With Mecklenburg County Sheriff

Charlotte, NC — The Mecklenburg County Sheriff election begins next months, and Saturday several groups discussed three issues about the current sheriff’s policies.

The NAACP Charlotte President was tehre as well as Action NC organizers. They heard from a public defender and former inmate.

Their first issue is the 287 G program.

That gives local law enforcement the power to deport undocumented immigrants.

Sheriff Irwin Carmichael says deputies do not look for people on the street, but if they end up in the jail, deputies will enforce immigration laws.

Activist argue that creates trust issues in the community and splits families apart.

Second, they want an end to solitary confinement for minors because studies show it causes psychological problems.

Third, they want the sheriff to stop charging people to visit inmates via video. They say that hurts poor families.

“I think we have an opportunity to change direction, ” said Oliver Merino with Comunidad Colectiva. “If our current sheriff is not willing to terminate these policies, then we need new leadership.”

The groups think they can get a large number of voters out this election if the sheriff does not change policies.

Early voting begins April 19. Primary election is May 8.