South Charlotte Neighbors Frustrated Over Airplane Noise

CHARLOTTE, NC – Some South Charlotte neighbors are frustrated after an increase in airplane noise. They say planes are rattling their homes and keeping them up at night.

South Charlotte neighbor Brian Cox says he’s getting annoyed by the planes flying over his home in the Mountainbrook community.

“I may get two or three hundred during peak, on peak days over the course of the day, sometimes every two minutes,” Cox says.

He and his neighbors say changes to flight patterns are causing the disruption.

“Sounds like an incoming missile, you want to dive and take cover,” Cox says.

He says the airport gave him a flight track analysis showing departures have shifted further north since 2017, which takes airplanes above neighborhoods like Starmount and Huntingtowne Farms.

“It is pretty much impossible to fall asleep if you just lay in bed and try to listen to this stuff over your house,” says Denise Davis.

Davis says she now takes melatonin to fall asleep. She thinks the planes are being routed for efficiency without concern for who’s on the ground.

“How quickly, how close, how many concentrated flights can we put on this, you know, highway,” Davis says.

Cox and his neighbors have started an online petition and plan to hold a public meeting on jet noise Thursday to see how many other neighbors are having the same problem.

It will be held Thursday, May 3rd at 7:00pm at Sharon Presbyterian Church.

Neighbors would like the FAA to return to the old flight patterns, then get more community input before changing them again.

“Everyone benefits from the convenience and the economic impact of the airport. But right now a disproportionately small number of citizens are bearing a disproportionately large amount of the burden,” John Garrett says.