Sister Of Man Killed In 2011 Police Encounter Says CMPD Used Excessive Force During Traffic Stop

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The sister of a man killed by police says CMPD officers used excessive force against her during a traffic stop. Lameka Campbell says it started when police tried to pull her over in East Charlotte, because officers said her tag wasn’t visible.
Campbell says she’s afraid of police after an officer killed her brother in 2011, so she did not want to pull over in an unlit area and asked for a Sergeant to come out. She showed WCCB Charlotte where police ended up smashing out two of her car windows with a baton. Her mother streamed part of the encounter on Facebook Live.
Police say Campbell refused to get out, even after they brought the Sergeant to see her. They say they busted out the windows after about 40 minutes, because they smelled an odor of marijuana in the car.
Campbell says her fear stems from her brother, Lareko Williams, who died after an officer tased him in 2011.
“In my head, I had a whole bunch of things going on. I don’t know, maybe, they could have claimed I had a gun and wanted to shoot up my car. Or wanted to sit here and tase me like they did my brother. I had a lot of thoughts in my head at that time,” Campbell says.
Campbell did eventually get out of the car and police arrested her. She’s facing several charges including resisting an officer and felony possession. Police say they found almost six ounces of liquid THC in her car.