Lawana Mayfield’s Tweet Provokes Charlotte’s Top Cop

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A tweet Charlotte City Councilwoman Lawana Mayfield sent in March is now getting a lot of attention. She linked to a news article about the police shooting death of Stephon Clark and wrote, “Being black in America under #45 has created homegrown terrorist (sic) wearing blue uniforms. #AReckoningIsComing.”

WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty went to Mayfield’s home Thursday to ask her about the tweet. Her wife, leaving for work, said Mayfield would be at CMPD’s Community Relations Awards event that evening.

Mayfield never showed.

But she did send some follow-up tweets, one where she defined “terrorist,” and two where she blamed the media.

City Council member Braxton Winston was at the police awards event, and told reporters, “Are we going to harp on the sensational nature of the words, or are we going to deal with the underlying issues? I’m here to deal with the underlying issues. And that’s what try to do every day.”

Earlier in the day, Charlotte’s top cop, Chief Kerr Putney, usually reserved and unemotional, told reporters this about the Mayfield’s tweet: “Well, my mother is watching, so here’s what I’ll say. It’s highly disappointing that I would be responding to what you just said, about an inflammatory comment, in Police Week.” And, “Whenever we’re painted with a broad brush, it’s offensive. It just is. when ever you have name calling, it’s offensive. So obviously, those are terms that are offensive to us.”

City Council member Tariq Bokhari says officers should be held accountable, but never associated with terrorists. As for Mayfield’s political future, he says, “There’s only one group of people that can actually hold her accountable, and that’s voters.”

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police President sent WCCB a copy of the open letter he wrote to Mayfield. It reads, in part: “My actions and words are critically analyzed every single minute of my day. You need to be held to just as high of a standard as I am. You were elected as a City of Charlotte leader.” And, “To say the least, you have upset the entire law enforcement community on (sic) this ridiculous statement. We are a family and when offended, we are all offended.”

In the letter, the FOP president also invites Mayfield to the group’s next membership meeting on June 5th. We will work to find out if Mayfield will accept the invitation.