A Group Of Charlotte Women Marching In Washington For Migrant Children Separated From Families

CHARLOTTE, NC. — A group of women from Charlotte will travel to Washington D.C. Wednesday.

About a dozen women from Charlotte plan to march in solidarity with migrant children who have been separated from their families.

They’re joining other women from across the country who plan to march in Washington on Thursday, asking the Trump administration to end family detention.

“We want our members of Congress and elected officials, nationally to do things to actually take action and not just say, oh we feel for these families,” says Action NC member Jessica Maria Moreno.

North Charlotte resident Yuri Olivarez has six children. She’s never left the state without them, until now.

“If my kids were to be taken away, I would be sad, I would cry, I would do everything,” says Olivarez.

President Trump signed an executive order last week stopping the family separations – but it did not give specifics on how or when families would be reunited. Thousands of children will have to wait until their family’s immigration court proceedings are done, which can months or years.

If you want to join the march, contact Action NC