CMPD Releases 911 Calls After Business Owner Kills Burglar

UPDATE: CMPD has released the 911 calls after business owner, Alan Corder, allegedly shot and killed 20-year-old Justin Anderson at his east Charlotte store on Independence Boulevard earlier this month.

Below is the timeline of when three separate calls were made.

04:33:03 – First call from Corder

04:38:43 – Second call from Corder

04:32:07 – Call from alarm company


The Latest

Alan Corder, the owner of American Beauty Garden Center, has been indicted by a grand jury on the charge of Voluntary Manslaughter.

Corder was charged by CMPD on August 9th, and a grand jury released the indictment on Monday, August 20th.

The charge came after he allegedly shot and killed 20-year-old Justin Anderson at his east Charlotte store on Monday.

Anderson was accused of burglarizing Corder’s business around 4:30am.

Investigators say Corder was arrested Thursday without incident. The investigation is ongoing.

Original Story – August 6, 2018

CHARLOTTE, NC– A business owner shot and killed a suspected burglar running out of his East Charlotte store.

Now the Mecklenburg County District Attorney will have to decide if it was justified.

Police dug bullets out of the side of walls after the shooting Monday.

“Why did you call the police if you was going to go kill the guy,” said Will Adams.

Adams is part of the anti-violence ground Team Trublue.

He is critical of the owners move, in part, because he says it was dangerous.

“What if you go and approach this guy and this young man does have a gun on him and shoots and kills you?” said Adams.

It was just after 4:30 Monday morning when CMPD says the owner of American Beauty Garden Center on East Independence Boulevard called 911.

He said his alarm system showed someone breaking into his shop and said he was responding.

He called back a few minutes later saying the burglar ran out, and he shot him.

Police found 20-year-old Justin Anderson dead around the corner.

Former Union County District Attorney John Snyder says it could be legal in two ways:

“You have an absolute right to protect yourself and your property if you are in fear of immediate bodily harm where deadly force may be used against you,” said Snyder.

The second way:

“You have the ability to prevent a felony from occurring so you may brandish a weapon to prevent that as long as you’re feeling threatened,” said Snyder.

So, as long as the owner feared for his life, he could be justified.

The Mecklenburg County D.A. will now make the call.

Advocates who work with youth say there is a lesson here.

“To the young: you can’t be breaking into people’s stuff and think you can get away with it,” said Adams.

To the owners, he says remember not to put yourself at the crime scene.

“You called the police,” said Adams. “Let the police do their job.”

North Carolina has a stand your ground law that allows you to defend your home and business. Click here to read that law.