Bracing For Wet And Dangerous Conditions Throughout The Queen City

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Bracing for wet and dangerous conditions throughout the Queen City ahead of Hurricane Florence. Preparations continue for Charlotte residents and evacuees that will call Charlotte home the next few days.

The Red Cross opened shelters at five High Schools in Charlotte. The shelter at Olympic High School is closed for now.

After a six hour journey from the North Carolina coast, a weight lifted off Denise Marullo-Cook as she walked into the shelter at East Mecklenburg High School. It’s her home for the next few days.

“It was God. It was only God. It could be nothing else because we didn’t even have a clue where we were going to go,” says Marullo-Cook.

But she worries her trip home might be interrupted by flooded roads. One trouble spot: the I-77 construction zone, which has flooded several times during heavy rains recently.

NC DOT spokesperson Jen Thompson says they’re working with a contractor to make sure problem areas are getting attention.

“We’re working to get some extra drainage areas, to help that water flow away,” says Thompson.

The other concern is roads in low-lying areas and known trouble spots, like Tryon and 16th Street. The roadway flooded after a brief downpour Tuesday night.

“The barricades if they’re out there, they’re going to be out there for a reason for your safety and protection.”

Tree removal companies are responding to a surge of calls this week, to take down trees and branches.

Arborist Simon Zimmerman’s biggest concern is the ground getting super saturated.

“They’re going to float in the root systems and even a healthy tree can topple over,” says Zimmerman.