Landis Lowers Corriher Lake After Water Pours Over The Dam

LANDIS, NC -The water level is slowly going down at Corriher Lake in Rowan County. Engineers have installed a siphon to get the lake back to safe levels following torrential rain.

“You don’t play with stuff like that. Life is too precious and too short,” said Kenny Lowery, a Landis resident.

His daughter lives yards away from the lower Corriher lake.

“When it’s your child, man, it’s just unreal man. The first thing you think of is you just want her in safety,” said Lowery.

He says he stayed up last night texting with her as the rain fell and the nearby lakes swelled.

“It was raining like pouring water out of a bucket, man,” said Lowery, “I’m telling you.”

Landis received about nine inches of rain in less than 48 hours over the weekend. The Corriher Lake hit levels roughly three feet above its crest. A creek alongside the lake was flowing like a river.

“We were afraid that was going to compromise the levee at the lower lake,” said Ron Miller, the Landis Director of Public Works.

He and his crew were monitoring the structural integrity of the town dams all night.

“If we would have had another two to three hours of rain at the rate we were going, I think a breach would have been imminent,” said Miller.

The dams held. No evacuation orders were sent. A potentially catastrophic event never reached the people living nearby.

“I hope its the only one in my lifetime that we have to experience like this,” said Miller.

Miller says they began releasing water at a rate of a foot a day last week. He says that was just barely enough to hold off the rain.