Family Dollar Corporate Headquarters in Matthews Moving to Virginia

MATTHEWS, NC – Family Dollar will be moving their corporate headquarters from Matthews to Chesapeake, Virginia by Fall 2019, according to a news release sent out by Family Dollar’s parent company Dollar Tree. The move will send 700 positions to the new Virginia headquarters and eliminate 200 other jobs.

“I feel so badly about the people who have worked there for so long,” said Matthews Commissioner Jeff Miller.

He worked at Family Dollar for 15 years. He says he retired in 2015 after Dollar Tree purchased Family dollar for $9.1 billion dollars and began consolidation. Miller says many of the people working at the Matthews location are longtime employees.

“It might be the only job they’ve ever had and as you get older it’s harder to rebound from those types of things,” said Miller.

He believes it’ll be a difficult transition for the 700 people who were given the option to keep their job if they moved to Chesapeake, Virginia. Two Hundred other people will soon be out of work.

“It’s going to be tough for many of those people to now find a vacancy,” said Miller.

The Matthews economy may also take a hit. Family Dollar is one of the largest employers in the town.

“We’re losing hundreds of customers,” said Julia Watson, the co-owner of Crepe Bistro.

Her restaurant is located directly across the street from the Family Dollar headquarters. She says they’ve relied on the lunch crowd to help get their five-month-old business off the ground.

“I just heard the news this morning and it’s not something I really wanted to hear,” said Watson, “especially after the very devastating weekend after the hurricane.”

With hundreds of jobs now gone, Matthews Mayor says the town is looking at ways to help those who lost their jobs and try and keep them local.

“I think we’re very strong,” said Mayor Paul Bailey, “there are people that want to live here and I think we’ll pull through this.”

The Family Dollar distribution center, which is also located in Matthews won’t be impacted by the corporate headquarters relocation.