Haunted Places in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC — From spooky plantations to creepy buildings Charlotte is a lot more haunted that you may think. Here’s some of the most haunted places in town.

Founders Hall in uptown Charlotte at one time served as a medical school.

Well the story goes that a little girl’s body was stolen from her grave in salisbury and sold to the school. As a result the little girl’s ghost wandered around the medical school screaming and acting very upset. The ghost is still spotted from time to time opening and closing doors.

Ri’ Ra’ Irish Pub was built in 1997.

One of the theories behind why the pub is so haunted is that the owner brought in authentic items and antiques from ireland that had spirits attached.

Employees have reported a number of cold spots throughout the building. Perhaps the creepiest tale of all relates to the sudden appearance of a ghostly alphabet written in chalk on one of the upstairs walls!

Queens University is also one of the most haunted places in Charlotte.

There have been reports of paranormal activity associated with different areas around the school. In Suzanne Little Rehearsal Hall students have reported seeing a well dressed lady who walks past them before vanishing into thin air