Keeping Your Family Safe During Emergency Situations

Whether you're in a crowded mall or checking out holiday events around the city, your family's safety is top priority

CHARLOTTE, NC — Whether you’re in a crowded mall or checking out holiday events around the city, your family’s safety is top priority.  James A. DeMeo, Author of ‘What’s YOUR plan? A Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Your Family Safe During Emergency Situations’ stopped by Rising with ways to prepare your family for the unexpected.

About James A. DeMeo: DeMeo is the author of What’s Your Plan? A Step-by Step Guide to Keeping Your Family Safe During Emergency Situations, a bestseller on family safety and preparedness during emergency situations. With 28 years of security, law enforcement and consulting experience, he is regarded both domestically and internationally as the subject matter expert in event security and crisis planning. He was recognized by Security Magazine as one of The Most Influential People in Security in 2017. James is an adjunct instructor for Tulane University and founder, president and CEO of Unified Sports & Entertainment Security Consulting (USESC). DeMeo has delivered countless media interviews as well as presentations at national conferences, colleges and universities throughout the United States.

About The Book What’s Your Plan? is the perfect book to prepare you and your family for crisis situations you may encounter in public venues. The secret, according to DeMeo, is not to approach planning from a fear-based perspective, but rather from a position of knowledge and preparation. DeMeo says pre-planned responses are critical to personal safety during emergency situations such as active shooters, bombings, chemical attacks, and other emergency situations. Your family’s safety must be factored into the quality of life equation. What’s Your Plan? is a blueprint for personal safety. Specific chapters focus on Sports and Entertainment Venues, Special Events, Malls, Shopping Centers, Places of Worship-Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Corporate Workplaces-Potential Workplace Violence, Colleges and Universities-Higher Education, Festivals, Carnivals, Street Fairs, Water Parks, Amusement/Theme Parks, Movie Theaters, Recreation Facilities, as well as Aquatic and Fitness Centers.