Sunday Busiest Day of Holiday Travel Season at Charlotte-Douglas Airport

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Holiday travelers head home Sunday, making it one of the busiest days on the road and in the air.

It’s also the busiest day at Charlotte-Douglas Airport. More than 30,000 people will fly out of Charlotte and more than 100,000 will get on a connecting flight here.

If you’re coming to the airport, be prepared to wait in long lines approaching the terminal.

If you’re picking someone up, a good option is to park in the hourly deck.

It’s just across from the terminal and the first hour is free.

There are also 150 spaces available for waiting in the cell phone lot.

If you’re departing, give yourself extra time.

TSA security checkpoints and American Airlines ticketing counters will open at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The airport has checkpoint assistance agents on hand to get people through quicker.