Possible Ban on “Bump Stocks” Has People On Both Sides of Gun Control Debate Focused on What’s Next

CHARLOTTE, NC -The Trump Administration is expected to announce a federal ban on bump stocks in the coming days. The devices are used to make semi-automatic guns fire faster.

“It’s opened up a Pandora’s box and we don’t know where this is going,” said Gun store owner Larry Hyatt.

He says the device, which can be replicated with household items, isn’t a major part of the gun industry. He’s not too concerned about the bump stock ban, saying they only gained notoriety following the deadly Las Vegas concert massacre.

“We had almost no demand for them,” said Hyatt, “they were not talked about until that incident.”

The proposed Trump administration rule would not only ban the devices, but require anyone who has one to either destroy it, or turn it in to law enforcement.

“Confiscation, destruction, no compensation. That’s something to worry about,” said Hyatt.

Gun Control advocates are also focused on what may come next.

“We applaud that and we recognize it as a first step,” said Rebecca Trotsky with Mom’s Demand Action.

She leads a local chapter of a nationwide group that is focused on common sense gun reform.

“Times change, and we recognize that the gun violence epidemic has reached a ridiculous proportion,” said Trotsky.

She says anything that potentially restricts the deadly impacts of a firearm is a good thing, but there are other areas of gun control where she’d like to see more action.

“Improving our background check process would be a lot farther in preventing needless gun violence,” said Trotsky.