BBB: Hackers Use Fake Coupons & Shipping Information To Steal

Charlotte, NC — The Better Business Bureau of Charlotte is warning of online shopping scams.

The President and CEO Tom Bartholomy says look out for fake coupons and fake package delivery notifications in your e-mail.

He says hackers send you an e-mail offering a coupon, but you have to enter personal information. Then, they can have access to it.

He says scammers also send e-mails that look like they are coming from FedEx or UPS and show a package tracking number. He says don’t click on it.

That can download a virus or steal your information.

“Almost all the phony websites we’ve seen pop up in the last few weeks are all out of China, all offering amazing deals on mostly electronics. They’re not real. It’s a great looking website, great product, great prices. It’s not real. They’re there to steal your identity, to get your credit card information and then run a muck,” said Bartholomy.

He says if you hover the mouse over the link, the hyperlink that enlarges is just code and numbers if it is fake. Go to the website for real coupons and information.