“Stay Off The Roads”–DOT Crews Preparing For Busy Weekend

CHARLOTTE, NC. — There’s brine already on the roads. Crews will be starting up again Saturday night, working around the clock.

Charlotte DOT crews spent the last two days brining major thoroughfares, bridges, overpasses and hospital entrances. 37 crews will be on a 24-hour operation starting Saturday night.

“We will continue to monitor the storm conditions throughout the storm and make adjustments in our response as necessary,” says Liz Babson with CDOT.

NC DOT takes care of state roads and interstates. Throughout the weekend they’ll have 68 crews and on Sunday night, just under 100 crews. Along with 23 state trucks.

“We go by a tiered system. The higher volume roads get taken care of first, so your interstates. Then we move down to your primary roads, then four lane divided roads,” say spokesperson with NC DOT Jen Thompson.

DOT asks when you’re driving, do not pass crews or follow them too closely. If you need to report ice conditions, call 311.

Other emergency resources can be found here.