Bombshell Report Raising New Privacy Concerns About Facebook

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A bombshell report is raising new privacy concerns about how Facebook uses your data.

The New York Times says the social media company shared information with more than 150 businesses.

“It’s definitely made me cautious about using Facebook,” says NoDa resident Scott Wiemeyer.

He says privacy concerns has led him to log off Facebook – most of the time.

“If I didn’t have to use it for work, then yes, I would be done with it completely,” Wiemeyer says.

The report says Netflix and Spotify could read Facebook users’ private messages!

Amazon and the Bing search engine had access to the names of people’s Facebook friends.

“If it’s free, you’re the product,” explains technology and cybersecurity expert Emory Simmons, with CMIT Solutions of Metrolina.

He says basically whatever you put on Facebook is being used to sell you to advertisers.

“They are figuring out a way to monetize that – make their product better, to put ads in front of you, that you’re more likely to respond to,” Simmons says.

So what can you do?

Facebook gives you the ability to limit who can access your information through an ad preferences page.

Simmons also recommends revoking Facebook access you may have given to any third-party apps.

But the technology can be helpful, Simmons says, for those willing to give up privacy for convenience.

“When that artificial intelligence in stuff is working well and you get a great recommendation suddenly from something that you really want, that’s pretty delightful,” Simmons says.

But users like Wiemeyer say it’s not a risk he wants to take.

“I wouldn’t be surprised that it would happen again,” he says.