CMPD’s Newest Recruits Are Quite The Hams

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  CMPD’s newest recruits are quite the hams. The department has two new therapy animals, and they’re pigs!  They will eventually help comfort crime victims.

Sergeant Serious Snuggles and Frank, make up CMPD’s Bacon Response Team.

“We decided hey, let’s get a pig, let’s train him to be a therapy animal and we can go out on our own in the community and bring the pigs and bring joy,” says CMPD Officer Chad Webster.

Officer Webster and his wife got the pigs almost a year ago. Since then, they’ve become part of their family.

Officer Webster mentors children as part of CMPD’s community outreach program.

“Some kids only see us in bad situations, they don’t see a person they only see a badge and a gun. So I think it’s good to let them know hey, we’re people, I’m married, I have kids, I have pigs, I’m just a regular guy.”

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