Kentucky Mother Urges School District To Do More After 10-Year-Old Son Committed Suicide

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A Kentucky mother reeling from her 10-year-old son’s death says Louisville’s school district must do more to prevent bullying.

Tami Charles is a local comedian and radio host. She says her fifth-grader, Seven Bridges, killed himself on Saturday.

“His smile hid his sadness,” Charles said. “But at 10-years-old, my question is, how did you even know to do that?”

Seven’s mother often posted videos online describing his pain from bullying he endured while at school.

Reports say the boy was born with medical issues that require him to undergo numerous surgeries to his bowls.

Jefferson County Schools superintendent Marty Pollio said everyone is devastated by the eighth recorded suicide this year in the district of 100,000 students.

The district has provided grief counselors at Kerrick Elementary, and is investigating the reports of bullying.

Charles told the Courier-Journal she wants her son’s death to help start a dialogue about the problems of bullying and what can be done.