Huntersville Neighbors Worried About Losing Property in Hwy 73 Widening Project

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – A group of neighbors in Huntersville want NCDOT to buy their homes. They say that’s better than possibly losing their backyards to a road widening project.

Plans are underway to widen busy Highway 73. It would relieve a lot of congestion, especially during rush hour.

But it could also bring the road a lot closer to several homes.

“If you pull that fence in 20 feet, that’s how much property we lose,” says Huntersville resident Courtney Weaver.

Standing on Weaver’s back deck, you can see and hear Highway 73.

“Where my property line would be, where my children would be playing, then, would be closer to the road,” Weaver says.

She and some of her neighbors say they’d rather sell their homes to NCDOT than give up their backyards.

“As a consensus, we were all willing to say, take it all,” Weaver says.

But as the project is designed now, it’s not clear NCDOT could do that.

“I think we would have to, legally, be bound to take whatever is necessary for the project and not an entire property, if an entire property is not required,” says NCDOT spokesperson Jen Thompson.

Overall plans call for widening Highway 73 from Lincoln to Cabarrus County.

Thompson says the design isn’t finalized.

“We’re still going to be modifying this design as the project develops and as we move forward with development,” Thompson says.

Neighbors living east of I-77 reviewed widening plans at a public meeting Monday night.

Dwayne Mayton says while he’s worried about construction near his home, he’s also relieved after seeing the latest plan.

“I was worried that they would potentially be taking part of my yard, this is a little bit easier to swallow,” Mayton says.

Plans call for NCDOT to begin acquiring land next year.

Construction would start in 2022.