NC Board of Elections Eyeing Mid-February for 9th District Hearing

CHARLOTTE, NC – North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper announced the appointees to the five person board of elections on Thursday. The group will oversee the investigation into election fraud in the 9th congressional district.

“Everybody gets their shot at the hearing,” said Board Chairman Bob Cordle.

He says their first order of business will be setting a mid-February date for the 9th district evidentiary hearing. It’s been nearly three months since the election and the results have yet to be certified pending an investigation into election fraud.

” I think we need to get it right,” said Cordle, “and hopefully we will.”

The previous board of elections dissolved in late December after a three judge panel denied a request to allow the board to finish the District Nine investigation.  The elections board was ruled unconstitutional by a previous court.

“It was unfortunate that we did not get to see through the work particularly on the congressional nine district investigation,” said Stella Anderson.

Anderson, along with Cordle and Jeff Carmon are the Democrats appointed to the board. Republicans David Black and Ken Raymond round out the five seats.

“We all want to see all the evidence, weigh all the evidence,” said Anderson.

WCCB asked Cordle what evidence he would need to see in order to vote for a new election.

“Well, I don’t know. It depends on what the evidence is. And I don’t know what it is yet,” said Cordle.

The five members will meet in Raleigh early next week to issue a summons.

“We will be scrutinizing all of the evidence and trying to make the best determination,” said Anderson.

Three board members are needed to certify Mark Harris as the winner of the 9th district race. He received 905 more votes than Dan McCready on November 6th.

Four of the five board members must vote in favor of a new election for one to be ordered.

If the board does not certify Harris or it doesn’t have the four votes needed to call for a new election, then the US House of Representatives could intervene.