Asbestos Concerns at Statesville Fire Department Station One

STATESVILLE, NC – Asbestos concerns at the Statesville Fire Department Station One. The discovery has some firefighters feeling uneasy about their living conditions. The city says it has taken prompt action.

Statesville’s Deputy Fire Chief, Andy Weatherman, showed WCCB around station one on Friday; pointing out the spots on the floor and in the ceiling where asbestos was found.

“We started having debris falling from the ceiling that we thought was just the texture from the ceiling,” said Weatherman, “and some people got some concern about it.”

A firefighter who didn’t want to be named contacted WCCB with concerns about the conditions. Weatherman says the department immediately contacted a specialist to handle the potential hazard.

“We used the proper protocol,” said Terry Miller, an asbestos clean up expert, “prompt clean up with hippa vacs and we sealed it.”

Miller says they did an air test after the spots were sealed. The results showed no asbestos in the air.

When asked if the building was safe for people to sleep and work in, Miller said, “Oh yes, yes.”

“As long as you don’t saw it grind it or break any of the materials, it’s perfectly safe,” continued Miller.

Per safety regulations, Weatherman put up ‘danger’ signs alerting people that asbestos is in the building.

The city spokesperson says they’ve developed a plan for regular maintenance and firefighters will undergo training and classes to minimize any issues with asbestos.

The final report on the severity of the issue will be made public in the coming weeks, meanwhile, firefighters continue to sleep, eat and work at station one.

The city has purchased land for a new fire house about a mile South of Station one. That building is only in the design stages and is roughly two years away from opening.