Video Shows ICE Agents Detaining Immigrants In Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Charlotte immigrant communities are on edge, after more than a dozen immigrants were detained by ICE agents in west and east Charlotte. The community organization Comunidad Colectiva tells WCCB, ICE agents were taking people into custody during traffic stops and at gas stations.

Comunidad Colectiva shared several videos on their Facebook page of people being detained by ICE. One shows a man being put into handcuffs near Kilborn and Sharon Amity Road surrounded by ice agents, then put into a white van. Another shows ICE agents in unmarked vehicles behind the Quiktrip at the corner of Central Avenue and Eastway Drive. There was one person in handcuffs.

Community organizer of Comunidad Colectiva Stefania Arteaga, says at least 12 people have been detained by ICE agents during what they thought was a traffic stop.

“This is not the first time ICE has done this type of enforcement here, but it’s the first time it’s been to this scale,” says Arteaga.

She says there may be more.

In December, Mecklenburg County pulled out of the 287-g program, which allowed deputies to run an arrested suspect’s name through immigration databases to determine if they’re undocumented.

Regional ICE spokesperson Bryan Cox told me if Mecklenburg County withdrew from 287-g, the agency may have to target specific suspects on the streets, who would have otherwise been taken into custody at the jail.

An ICE spokesperson sent WCCB a statement today saying in part:
“As to how ICE conducts enforcement — ICE does not conduct any type of random or indiscriminate enforcement; the agency focuses first and foremost on criminal offenders and other public safety threats.”