County Holds First Listening Session on Property Revaluations

CORNELIUS, N.C. – Neighbors are venting their frustrations over big jumps in property value. The county is holding listening sessions two weeks after revaluation notices went out.

Property owners asked questions and raised concerns at Cornelius Town Hall on Wednesday night. The average homeowner saw property values go up 43 percent.

Mecklenburg County tax assessor Ken Joyner says the county looks at several factors including how much nearby property is selling for.

“The lake came to me. I didn’t go to it. I’ve been in my house for 60 years,” explains Cornelius resident Johnnie Leazer.

Leazer and his wife Geneva say they’ve lived at the Peninsula long before high value homes and the lake went in.

Now they’re worried they’ll have to leave after getting a revaluation notice saying their property is worth $1,465,000.

They know they could sell their property, but after being there so long, they don’t want to.

As of February 5th, more than 4300 people have filed informal appeals in Mecklenburg County.

Of those, more than 700 have already been resolved.

115 people have filed formal appeals that will go to the Board of Equalization and Review in May.

For a complete list of dates, times and locations for upcoming listening sessions, CLICK HERE.