The Snark: CNN Last, Grammys, Willie, Cardi B’s Rant, LA City Hall, A New Pill, and Vodka & Nacho Fries

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CNN dead last even with the State of the Union.

Ariana Grande has decided to skip the Grammys,  but maybe that’s a good thing…seems they are trying to kill off some musicians…well, as Willie said “just roll me up and smoke me when I die.”

Cardi B goes on a rant about taxes…poor girl.

The L.A. City Hall seems to love their flea infested rats…but they are trashing those rugs.

MIT has created a new pill for diabetics…now for an updated more alcoholic version.

And it’s Grey Goose and Taco Bell nacho fries for everyone on the bus with Kevin Harlan…just don’t sit in the back.

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