“Blake Is Just This Unique, Amazing Guy”– Teen With Autism Crowned Homecoming King

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Students at South Mecklenburg High School showed their support for a classmate by honoring him with a title. Blake Rice has autism and epilepsy, he was voted homecoming king over the weekend.

His father, Matthew Rice,  teaches at South Mecklenburg.  He found out a few weeks ago that Blake had been nominated for homecoming court.

Rice tells me all the students at South Mecklenburg, adore his fun loving son. On Saturday, they proved it.

“I said, I’m proud of Blake, but I’m proud of you guys too because you guys made this choice. This isn’t really about Blake, this is what you guys think is important. About your values, not about mine.”

Homecoming King, more than a title at South Mecklenburg High School.

“It shows you they do have a lot of hope for their future, and they are protective of our most vulnerable people and they do love our diversity here at South.”