Thieves Targeting Vehicles In McAdenville, Other Gaston County Neighborhoods

MCADENVILLE, NC — Residents on alert after surveillance video shows several people creeping through the streets of a Gaston County neighborhood.

Police say criminals broke into at least a dozen cars in the Mcadenville area, and it’s possible they’ve hit other Gaston County towns.

The surveillance video Robert Nicholson posted to a McAdenville Facebook group shows three people casually walking up to his Jeep around 3 a.m. Monday morning. The suspects were checking to see if the door was unlocked, even though his spotlight was shining down on them.

Nicholson says, “It seemed like it wasn’t going to stop them. They just kept on going.”

Nicholson’s car was locked, but others in the neighborhood got caught with their cars open.

Cramerton Police say 11 cars were broken into in McAdenville this week. The thieves taking about $1,000 worth of property.

Cramerton Police Chief Brad Adams says, “Miscellaneous items taken. Some change, sunglasses, tool kit, book bag, a cellphone, and some medication.”

Police are asking anybody in the neighborhood with surveillance cameras to send them any video they may have of the suspects in action.

“We’re very aggressively investigating it. We take it very seriously,” says Adams.

While Chief Adams says the break-ins are an isolated incident in McAdenville, neighbors say they’ve seen an increase in night prowling in recent weeks.

Nicholson says, “It seems like the neighborhood, whole neighborhood, not just this street or that street.”

Police are adding more patrols on neighborhood streets, while homeowners pay more attention to their security. The recent break-ins are not just impacting McAdenville.

Police say Belmont and Lowell have also seeing an increase in car break-ins in the last few weeks.