Panhandlers Knocking On Doors Of East Charlotte Neighborhood

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Panhandlers knocking on doors, begging for money at odd hours. An east Charlotte couple says it’s happened dozens of times in their neighborhood since the summer.

The Harbolds have lived in their home on North McDowell street for two years. Starting in the summer, they say panhandler after panhandler came to their door.

“When someone comes to your home, you want to help. You know you have to fight that initial reaction at this point,” says East Charlotte resident Misha Harbold.

The Harbolds say this has happened more than a dozen times since August. They tell WCCB they’ve called police at least six times. The panhandlers have shown up early in the morning.

“When it’s two or four or six in the morning it can be really unnerving. It can draw you out of a deep sleep, and you don’t know what’s going on.”

The one time they opened the door, they say the panhandlers came back and robbed them.

According to CMPD’s crime map, there have been dozens of calls for disturbing the peace,  suspicious people and suspicious vehicles since September.

“There’s several houses in this few block radius that are constantly getting knocked and begged for money.”

The couple says CMPD said they’d increase patrols in their neighborhood, but they say it’s not helping.