Dangerous Driving On Dilworth Street, And Neighbors Want It To Stop

CHARLOTTE, NC. —   Cars going double the speed limit and rolling through stop signs, that’s what neighbors in Dilworth say is happening on their street. They want it to stop before a tragedy happens.

The posted speed limit on Magnolia Avenue is 25 mph, but neighbors say some vehicles go much faster.

“This street has just become quite a cut through from South Boulevard, to Park Road so people just fly down our street, ” says Dilworth resident Lyles Eddins.

Parents are also concerned about cars rolling through stop signs near bus stops.

“I see a lot of cars just rolling and not stopping, especially around morning commute and afternoon commute times,” says another Dilworth resident Amy Iannuzzi.

Our cameras caught dozens of cars rolling through the stop signs on Monday.

Right now, there are two speed humps on Magnolia Avenue. Neighbors want more. CDOT is evaluating the requests.

Residents also want CMPD to ticket drivers who run stop signs and speed. CMPD says officers have been out there and made traffic stops, but didn’t say how many.

City Council member Larken Egleston represents that area. He says it’s a much larger issue.

“We’ve had people from all around the city for years that have been reaching out saying we’ve got concerns around traffic, around speeding, around people running stop signs,” says Council member Egleston.