Dog Owners Could Soon Bring Pets More Places

Charlotte, NC — Two things are popular in Charlotte for sure: breweries and dog parents.

Folks around here love to bring their dogs everywhere.

One state lawmaker says it’s time to cash in on the trends.

“Oh! It’s wonderful. Especially after all the rain we’ve had the past few weeks, it’s nice to get out here on a sunny day and enjoy a beer and bring our pets out with us,” said David Zenns.

However, bringing your fur baby inside some spots is a big no if they serve food because it violates health code.

“I totally understand people wanting a separation of dogs and food,” said Megan High.

Now, the booming brewery business has uncovered a grey area.

Health departments say keep them outside of taprooms even though they don’t serve food because they clean glassware inside.

Taprooms in Winston-Salem and Greensboro recently started kicking dogs out.

Now, a Republican representative from Guilford County says the business should be able to decide.

“Some taprooms will allow pets and others may not,” said Rep. Jon Hardister. “That’s a decision I believe should be made by the business. And the customers, they don’t have to go to a place if they don’t want to.”

Rep. Hardister worked with the health department to craft the bill.

Dog lovers say the change would mean more money for local businesses.

‘We choose places where we can take our dog Palmer or our fosters,” said Megan High.

Some say breweries aren’t for fido.

State law already gives wineries the option to decide whether to allow pets inside.

This bill is part of a larger alcoholic beverage control commission bill.