Armed Robbery at McAlpine Creek Park

CHARLOTTE – On a warm day at McAlpine Creek Park, dozens of people are out on the trails, exercising and enjoying the weather.

“We often have our dogs and we walk around the pond and through the area and go to the dog park,” said Amanda Dahlquist.

She and her husband came to the park on Thursday afternoon to spend time with their daughter.

“I’ve never felt any kind of danger when we’ve been here,” said Dahlquist, “It’s always been a really lovely time.”

But only hours earlier, around 2:00 p.m. there was an armed robbery on the trail. Police haven’t identified the suspect and few details about the brazen attack were released.

“I run here quite a bit and have never had an incident so this is really surprising,” said Paul Bonfiglio.

Having run at the park for the last 20 years, Bonfiglio says his safety has never been a concern.

CMPD created a Transit division last year of more than 100 officers to patrol the more than 20,000 acres of parks and greenways.

The county also launched an app last summer that allows officers to pinpoint your location if something happens on the path.

“I would just keep your wits about you,” said Bonfiglio.