Advocates: Getting Rid Of Entire ACA Could Mean Death For Some

CHARLOTTE, NC — Your access to doctors and medicine could undergo an alarming disruption if courts decide to undo the Affordable Care Act.

That’s the Trump Administration’s latest push, and it’s an unexpected shift in the President’s policy.

Getting rid of the entire Affordable Care Act could mean death for some people, said Natalie Weaver, people battling chronic conditions like her 10-year-old Sophia in Cornelius.

Monday night was the first time the Trump Administration asked a court to overturn the entire ACA.

The Department of Justice sent a two sentence letter to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals telling the court to uphold a decision made in lower courts.

The letter says, “The Department of Justice has determined that the district court’s judgment
should be affirmed. Because the United States is not urging that any portion of the
district court’s judgment be reversed, the government intends to file a brief on the
appellees’ schedule.”

The DOJ is talking about a Texas Judge’s decision back in December. It ruled the ACA was unconstitutional.

If courts agree, insurance companies can start denying people coverage for pre-existing conditions.

They can implement lifetime limits again. That’s the amount of money an insurance company is willing to spend on you.

Sophia would have hit that limit before she was one.

Her mother advocates for medically fragile kids in NC. To learn more about that, click here.

“Why would we want to allow these insurance companies who are already making billions of dollars to be able to deny human beings the care that keeps them alive?” said Weaver.

North Carolina has the fourth highest number of people enrolled in healthcare under the , in Affordable Care act in the U.S. More than 500,000 people signed up for it in 2019 alone.

UNC Charlotte professor Dr. Michael Thompson (DrPH) has spent more than 20 years developing health administration programs around the globe.

He says many people would have to rely on charities to help them pay for medical care if they did not have the ACA. Some would have to give up their treatment, which would mean death.

“It would mean a tremendous disruption,” said Thompson.

He says preventative check ups would not be covered, insurance would cost more for women, kids couldn’t stay on their parents plan until they’re 26 and if you qualified for the Medicaid expansion, you’re out.

“More people uninsured, more cost, hospitals being flooded with uninsured seeking care, high cost care. So, it would be disruptive to the system the entire population,” said Dr. Thompson.

WCCB Charlotte asked Republican Senator Thom Tillis if he backs the president this time.

A spokesperson wrote, “Senator Tillis believes that regardless of the differences Republicans and Democrats have on the future of Obamacare, one point all sides can agree on is people with pre-existing conditions should have access to affordable healthcare.”

Without the ACA’s protections, this mother says families would lose their home, everything, trying to pay for treatment.
Sophia’s medication is $10,000 a month. She’s undergone 29 surgeries. She is in hospice care now.

“It feels like our government doesn’t care about us or our children,” said Weaver.

The case will likely continue to go through the court system until it ends up before the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court said it was constitutional in 2012 and maintained that again 2015.

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