Chief Kerr Putney Trying To Relieve Tensions After Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Police Chief Kerr Putney is trying to relieve tensions days after a deadly officer-involved shooting. Dozens showed up to what the police called a “community conversation” on Thursday, to ask questions and get more information.

“The truth is this is not a good meeting. These are not good times,” says CMPD Chief Kerr Putney.

The meeting was at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church , and it was an open dialogue. The Chief explaining the meaning of imminent threat, when officers can use force and how they are  trained in deescalation.

Tensions have been rising since an officer shot and killed 27-year-old Danquirs Franklin on Monday.

CMPD says 23-year-veteran Officer Wende Kerl perceived a lethal threat and shot Franklin.

An employee called 911 Monday morning saying a man had a gun and was threatening coworkers. CMPD says officers found Franklin in the parking lot with a gun and repeatedly told him to put it down. When he didn’t, an officer fired.

Witnesses said Franklin didn’t have a gun and police shot the wrong man.

Lisa Crawford with Mothers Of Murdered Offspring says CMPD and the community need to be on the same page.

“The community needs to understand what are those triggers and no pun intended. That keep happening that make police officers get to a point where they feel like they have no choice but to use lethal force,” says Crawford.