Crime Victim’s Gather at CMPD for Support

CHARLOTTE, NC –  “You cannot give life back once you take it,” said Pastor James Price speaking at an event for crime victims.

On Tuesday night, victims of violence filled CMPD headquarters.

“I’m here to support my son Damien Mackins II. I lost him last year, February 2nd 2018.,” said a tearful Sarasha Chesney.

She was one of more than a dozen family members at the event to support their loved ones and raise awareness about the impact violence has on families.

“It’s been hard, real hard,” said Chesney.

Chesney’s son, Damien Mackins was found shot to death last February on a trail behind Newell Baptist Church. Mykel Washington and Andre Clark are accused of killing Mackins. They’re in jail awaiting trial.

“He was a loving, loving son,” said Chesney, “he loved everybody. He loved his family.”

Chesney takes part in monthly support groups put together by CMPD.

“Maybe something happened which will then trigger a conversation a coping strategy, grief, everything like that,” said Shardal Rose.

She works with crime victims and runs some of the support groups.

“I just want them to take away something and come in a little bit better than what they came in,” said Rose.

Chesney says she doesn’t talk much in the groups because it’s just to difficult. But she says she listens and for now, that’s what she needs.

“It’s real helpful because you hear about other stories and other things, so you don’t feel alone,” said Chesney.

CMPD Offers resources for victims of any type of crime. Information is included on their website.